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Firewood Netting

Made of super-strong polypropylene yarn, then soft knitted to make the netting even stronger. Firewood Netting can be used to package small bundles of firewood. Netting allows the wood to breathe and dry out; will not retain moisture as does plastic wrap. A baler is available for easy loading and packaging. Cost is between .015 – .02 per foot depending on size and quantity.



TNI’s Firewood Netting is perfect for:

  • Plug Trays – Eliminates Freight Claims
  • Plant Sleeves – Convenient Carrying & More Per Truck Load
  • Smoking Hams & Other Meats – Temperatures to X°
  • Firewood – Allows Wood To Breathe & Dry Out
  • Corn Stalks – Neatly Bundled & Ready For Shopping.

Made of high-density polyethylene.  Soft knitted for strength and easy handling.  Heat seal-able and heat shrinkable eliminates use of clips, hog rings, wire ties or other closures. Allows plants to breathe, receive water and light unlike plastic or paper sleeves.



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