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Chicken Tuckers ®

TNI Packaging is the manufacturer of the original CHICKEN TUCKER, the pre-tied poultry trussing loop since 1968.

In the past and nearly 48 years serving the meat, poultry and food industry, TNI has become the supplier to nearly all of the major poultry processors, food services and supermarkets in North America and Mexico. TNI Packaging is ISO 9001-2015 certified and Global Food Safety Initaiative (GFSI) under FSSC 22000, so you know quality is there for you. CHICKEN TUCKERS also meets all food grade requirements by the USDA, FDA and CFIA.

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Firewood Netting

Made of super-strong polypropylene yarn, then soft knitted to make the netting even stronger. Firewood Netting can be used to package small bundles of firewood. Netting allows the wood to breathe and dry out; will not retain moisture as does plastic wrap. A baler is available for easy loading and packaging. Cost is between .015 - .02 per foot depending on size and quantity.
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Mr. I.M. Dunn®


You can’t tell by just looking and a food thermometer is a safe way to be SURE.

Mr. I.M. Dunn should be placed in the thickest part of the food, and for meats, etc., never touching the bone, fats or gristle.

Made of food grade plastic and meets all USDA, FDA and CFFA requirements. This disposable thermometer will help greatly in preventing food borne illnesses. Temperature ranges are from 145°F to 185°F and for usage on every meat or poultry item.

How do I know when I am cooked properly? I pop my top when I am done!

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Perfect Wrap ™

Meets all USDA, FDA and CFIA requirements.  Made of a special polyester yarn that resists sticking to skin surface.  The Perfect Wrap can be used for...Tamales, Tournedos, Rotisserie Chicken, Beef Roll-ups, Stuffed Pork Loins, and so much more! The Perfect Wrap has eye catching colors, unbelievable labor savings and are as low as 1¢ each. Using toothpicks, metal or plastic skewers to hold bacon or other wraps on meat could prove to be most dangerous and pose a choking hazard. Perfect Wrap holds the wrap firmly to the meat product, remains on the product throughout the cooking process and then is simply discarded. Easy, safe and secure. [ninja_forms_display_form id=2]
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Plant Sleeves

Small mesh netting that gently encases fresh plants.
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Plug Trays

Netting can be used on a variety of products such as fresh produce, for hanging hames during the cooking or smoking process, a cosmetic wrap for various types of meats, poultry, dry sausage, and other food products.
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Tamale Tuckers ®

Tamale Tuckers are a smaller sized version of the CHICKEN TUCKER. They're used by commercial tamale manufacturers, food services, retail stores and even at-home tamale makers. They hold the corn husk to the masa and meat of the popular Hispanic treasure, the “tamale”. Because there are so many varieties of tamales, the use of TNI’s patented color strings can also be used as a method for identifying certain ingredients or spices. TNI Packaging is ISO 9001-2008 certified and Global Food Safety Initaiative (GFSI) under FSSC 22000, so you know quality is there for you.
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