TNI Packaging, LLC, formerly Tie Net International Inc., was founded in 1968 as a manufacturer of netting and other packaging products used in the food industry and located in Kenosha, WI.

The netting manufacturing arm of Tie Net International was purchased by Tipper-Tie, a division of Dover Industries in 1994. TNI continued on with the manufacturing portion of the company that produced the pre-tied covered elastic loops marketed under the name CHICKEN TUCKERSĀ®, producing nearly 3 million of these food loops each week.

In 1999, the company applied for and was issued U.S. Patent 5816905 for colored ties. The color-coded food loops are used primarily to identify certain ingredients, spices, rubs or marinades. Red, for example, might be used for hot or spicy sauces, Burgundy for barbecue, a Tan for garlic, Yellow for lemon pepper, and so on. Color ties also provide added eye appeal to any food product.

TNI Packaging, LLC can also produce these handy ties in multi-colors so as to emulate customers’ logo colors, the color of the country’s flags, for ethnic identity, etc.

The loops as manufactured by TNI meet all specifications and requirements of the United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Drug Administration and Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

These pre-tied food loops are used primarily for the tying of rotisserie chicken, but can be used for tying corn husk wrapped tamales, holding the bacon on filets, tournedos, rolled roasts, sliced hams, and can be used to replace any form of hand tying or on so many food items around the kitchen.

TNI Packaging, LLC netting